Paid Sick Leave - What Employers Need to Know


Questions about the finer points of California’s Paid Sick Leave law have been burning up the lines on our Helpline lately.  In our April newsletter we will feature information and insights on many of the complex components of this new requirement.  Here are some of the burning questions we will address:


1. Should we accrue, front-load or keep our current policy?
2. What will be the fiscal impact and how do we calculate it?
3. Is my PTO policy sufficient?
4. Should we revise our attendance policy to protect against misuse?
5. What does our payroll processor need to know to keep us compliant?
6. Do we need to update our employee handbook?
7. What do we not know – and could it hurt us?


Please be sure to reach out to Employers Group’s Helpline with your questions.  And, be ready for new insights in our April newsletter and webinar.