Employers Group Employee Spotlight - Juan Garcia

Juan at Desk  (Continued from Page 2, March Newsletter)


...Also, HR and the business operations are now very closely connected.   A successful organization will have a tight connection between the leadership and HR.   You can tell a lot about the success of the company if that connection is present.


Finally, there is a big focus on creating an “HR Community” – through technology, networking, and within one’s own company. 


Brian:  How does HR play a role in the financial health of the company?

JG:   HR is an irreplaceable part of a company’s financial well being.   If you make a wrong hire and keep that person for a year, the company potentially loses one year of growth.  This has a massive impact on the bottom line.   The expenses associated with a bad hire are through the roof.  If you factor in recruiting time, salary, benefits, on-boarding time, and so on, the cost of hiring a person is about three times their salary.

Come up with a plan to find the right person.  Don’t rush when you’re making a hiring decision.   Don’t waste your time or money on someone who isn’t a great fit.    

Brian:  How do the Research and Surveys, created by EG, assist members?  What value do they provide?

JG:  Every company has a need for the survey data.   They need data, numbers, trends, and information to figure out how to quantify compensation packages.  The research and surveys help members decipher which benefits to provide, and what their competitors are doing in terms of compensation packages.  We have excellent ways to communicate the vital data so our members and clients can see trends, best practices, and can use us to help them create comprehensive compensation and benefit plans for their company. 

We take the raw data our survey participants provide us, compile it, and write reports that directly connect to their business in a way that spurs growth.  Now, there are a lot of different services out there that do similar work to EG.  They specialize in either (a) data or (b) consulting--one or the other.   EG does both:  the data collection and the in-depth, customized consulting.  When you add in EG’s HR expertise—that’s what makes our solutions truly unique.    We pride ourselves on giving our members and clients the critical information they need to make sound decisions.


Brian:  If you could give advice to a leader of an HR department, what would you say is necessary to their success?  Does EG provide that solution?

JG:  Absolutely.  Of course, EG provides the solutions every leader needs to create a dynamic HR department (Juan said with a laugh).  After the need for outside help is recognized, I recommend digging deep into all our services and our people.  Honestly, call us, call our helpline (800-748-8484); we can’t wait to help.  It gets us out of bed.

 EG possesses the tools and people to help your entire HR team as well as many aspects of your business. 

The best way to use EG is to develop relationships with key people.  Get to know your client service manager, the EG executives, the training team, etc.  There are so many experts on staff who can elevate your company.   Relationships are a two-way street.   EG wants to get to know you and you will want to get to know EG. 

Brian:  What makes EG unique?

JG:  EG, in its totality has most, if not all, of the critical functions and services that most organizations need.  Almost 95% of our members choose a more personalized partner relationship than hiring a Big 4 consulting firm.   We offer unmatched value with a reasonable price tag.  The breadth of resources, within EG, gives us a holistic solution to nearly all of our member’s and client’s needs.  Simply put, instead of a rolodex of contacts, we have an extension, with an expert on the other end of the line.