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Safety Incentive Programs

Posted by Nicole Vierzba on Mon, Aug 13, 2012

Do you know the most common reason that people quit their jobs and go to work for another company? It’s not money, it’s not the commute, and it’s not because they don’t like the work. It’s because they don’t feel appreciated.

Feeling appreciated for who we are and the contributions that we make are central to our well being. Think about how you feel when you make an extra effort for someone- especially if it’s an inconvenience for you- but you receive no acknowledgement. It minimizes our contributions and our expertise when there is a lack of appreciation. In an office environment, recognizing people for their efforts is an easy part of managing people, and can be done on a one on one basis, but how can you show appreciation in an industrial setting where dozens, or even hundreds of people are diligently going about their jobs, performing tasks as required every day? Often they have to make decisions on the spot that affect both quality and timeliness. Every day they have to make decisions regarding safety. As a manager, how do you get the message across to large groups of people that you appreciate them, that you appreciate the work that they are doing for the company, and that you appreciate that they are performing their jobs safely?

A safety incentive program that is built on monthly meetings that engage your workers is the answer. Done right, a safety incentive program gives management an opportunity to express their appreciation, provide recognition, and reward performance. There is nothing as important as the safety of the people performing the most physically challenging jobs, but because every company makes statements like that, words do little to distinguish the employers who really care. Instead, holding dynamic, interactive meetings where safe performance is acknowledged and applauded demonstrates that you recognize their efforts, and that you appreciate their results. Giving awards and recognition to individuals and departments for making safety their priority encourages everyone to make safety a higher priority. Safety Cultures develop when workers feel appreciated, and holding monthly safety incentive meetings provides the perfect opportunity to do so. When workers feel appreciated, the results are fewer injuries, better morale, and greater productivity. That’s a Win-Win-Win.


Article by Joe Stevens.


Joe StevensJoseph P. Stevens is the Founder and President of Bridge Safety Consultants, Inc, a consulting group that helps companies eliminate injuries and significantly reduce the costs involved in workers’ compensation. These goals are achieved primarily through the company’s unique behavior- based safety program. Mr. Stevens also provides advice and counseling on the workers’ comp system; how it works, how claims impact premiums, and what measures employers can take to minimize
their costs.

Mr. Stevens comes by his passion to reduce the cost of workers’ comp naturally, having had responsibility for managing workers’ comp as an executive for many years. He received his business training at Procter & Gamble and Johnson and Johnson.

In recognition of his expertise, Mr. Stevens was:

Appointed to Governor Schwarzenegger’s Task Force for Workers’ Comp Reform
Appointed to Insurance Commissioner Garamendi’s Task Force to Revamp Workers’ Comp in California
Chosen by The Employers Group to conduct seminars for employers on the Workers’ Compensation system in California.
Honored as the “Success Story of the Year” by the Los Angeles chapter of SCORE, in conjunction with the SBA.



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