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Challenging Work Environments Enhance Need for Greater Leadership Training

Posted by Nicole Vierzba on Mon, Nov 7, 2011

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Employers Group Collaborates with Franklin Covey to Expand Employer Reach

Employers are dealing with a growing dissatisfaction from employees due to hyped-up workplace politics, reduced trust, decreasing benefits, and greater productivity requirements for the same or less pay.  Business leaders are not only plauged with these problems, they also want to retain and reward their existing workforce.  Many employers look to training and development to help solve some of these issues.

Employers Group, a national leader in human resources expertise, knowledge, and advocacy, has signed a multiple-employer agreement with Franklin Covey Co.  (NYSE: FC) a global provider of training and consulting services.  The agreement enables Employers Group to directly deliver Franklin Covey programs to Employers Group’s association member companies. 
Franklin Covey is a global leader in leadership, productivity, strategy execution, customer loyalty, trust, sales performance, government, education and individual effectiveness.  Already a provider of leadership skills and human resources training, this contract enhances Employers Group’s training services with the proven success of Franklin Covey’s world renowned content and offerings.

“We are so pleased to partner together with Franklin Covey, whose clients have included 90 percent of the Fortune 100 and more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500. We look forward to helping our customers utilize Franklin Covey content and offerings with this agreement,” said Jeffrey Hull, Learning Services Director at Employers Group.

“Employers Group is a highly valued client of Franklin Covey.  We are looking forward to partnering with them to expand our reach together in enabling greatness inside their membership organizations,” said Tracy Cook, Senior Client Partner, Franklin Covey.
Through this agreement, Employers Group will now offer two of Franklin Covey’s popular courses, Leading at the Speed of Trust™ and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Signature Program. 

“At a time where company loyalty exists primarily due to the nature of our economic situation, this training provides an outlet to create extraordinary results, as well as  pride in  one’s work and within their team whether an employee or manager,” said Jeffrey Hull, Employers Group’s Director of Learning Services.

“While we already provide leadership and soft skills training services to our 3,500-plus member companies, Employers Group is excited to deliver two great programs developed by the content experts at Franklin Covey,” said Mark Wilbur, President and CEO of Employers Group. “Due to the unethical leadership we’ve seen from Wall Street and the lending crisis, it’s no wonder our employees are having so much doubt in today’s executive teams. Leading at the Speed of Trust is the perfect program to help leaders build trust within their organization to promote better communication and teamwork, which ultimately impacts the bottom line.” 
“We are excited for Employers Group to offer their member companies the opportunity to bring these offerings into their organizations and we look forward to serving them and helping them to realize the extraordinary results that are possible as their employees apply the principles taught in these offerings,” said Marianne Phillips, General Manager, Western Region, Franklin Covey.

By partnering strategically with industry-leading businesses, Employers Group has been able to grow their membership over the past several years, in a time where many membership associations are finding it increasing difficult to keep their doors open.
“We’re excited to work with Franklin Covey to deliver world class solutions and I am positive our members will be excited to have this resource readily available,” said Wilbur.



To learn more about the Franklin Covey Program offered by Employers Group, please e-mail our Training Specialists at training@employersgroup.com .

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