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Employee Onboarding: Tools for Success

Posted by Nicole Vierzba on Tue, Oct 11, 2011

By:  Charlie Martin, Founder, engagementtoolbox.com

As a business owner, executive, manager; if you want to engage your team, one of your key jobs is to provide them with the tools they need to do the job. Providing the tools needed to do the job starts with their first day on the job. Imagine how a new member of the teams feels when they have been selected and have selected you as their new employer. You no doubt went through a major screening process, perhaps using a search firm and a variety of assessment tools, conducting group interviews and one on one’s, checking references all to make sure you are getting the best person for the position so you won’t experience the expense and loss of productivity of another turnover. After all of this screening imagine how the new team member must feel. They must be excited and a little nervous and are anticipating that on their first day they will get lots of the right kind of attention and start with the tools they need to be successful.describe the image

Take the time before a new employee starts to think clearly about what they will need to do their job. One good way to do this is to try to put yourself in their position. Although theyn may have researched your company well and learned a great deal during the interview process they still don’t know what they don’t know. In addition to providing the physical tools, like computers, printers, desk, chair, normal business supplies etc. there are a few additional tools you can provide them. One of the biggest thing every new team member needs is access to the information they will need to do their job. Where do they go for information, who do they go to when the normal information sources don’t work? What are the subtleties about the organization that you have learned over the years and how many of those can you share with them? How does the informal organization function versus what the org chart looks like (give them an org chart as well)?

Take the time to put yourself in the new team member’s shoes. The first day and the immediate few following can make a very big difference in how they feel about you. Ho wthey feel is going to have a big affect on how they feel about the company and whether they will be engaged or not and whether they will be easily influenced by actively disengaged or fully engaged coworkers. Like starting anything starting out on the right foot is critical to success and the tools provided on the first day and then days after will have a major influence on their performance in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get every team member started on the right foot with the right tools.


About the Author:
Charlie Martin is the Founder and Head Coach of engagementtoolbox (http://.www.engagementtoolbox.com)  Charlie is the author of The Tools of Engagement, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  certified by the International Coach Federation and a seasoned leader with over 35 years of experience in a variety of senior level positions in a variety of industries.  He can be reached at Charlie@engagementtoolbox.com

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