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Q3, 2011 is ending and Q1, 2012 is around the corner

Posted by Nicole Vierzba on Wed, Aug 31, 2011
By:  Charlie Martin, founder, engagementtoolbox.com

The calendar has a way of getting ahead of us if we are not careful. describe the imageIt seems that as the year moves along the pace increases as we get closer to the end of each year. As business people we sometimes wake up and find ourselves in the first quarter of the New Year and we don’t have our plans and goals in place. Now is a good time to start thinking about 2012 and what steps you need to take now to assure that you start 2012 with your plans and goals in place instead of the calendar managing you.

Here are a few things for your consideration:

• Review your Mission, Vision and Values to see if you want to make any changes. Your mission defines what you do, your vision defines where you are headed and your values define what you stand for. An annual review is a good idea.
• Review your Strategy, has it changed and is it serving you well? During this review you may want to do a quick SWOT analysis for a little more clarification.
• Begin thinking about your 2012 company goals as they will be the driver of your 2012 budget. What do you want to achieve in 2012 and beyond if appropriate and what resources will be needed to support you
• Compare your YTD actual 2011 financial performance against your 2011 plan to give you an idea of where you have been so far in the current year and why and how the remainder of 2011 will look. This will give you some solid information to help in the development of the 2012 budget.
• Think about how you will engage your workforce to make 2012 the best year so far.
• Get started as soon as possible

There is no doubt that some of you are reading this and are way ahead of these suggestions and will have your 2012 planning completed in the next few weeks. For those that are not in the position of already having your 2012 plans nearing completion, perhaps these tips will be helpful. The target is to have all 2012 planning complete and communicated throughout your organization before 2011 is complete. You may also find it helpful to engage as many team members as possible in various stages of this planning process. Involvement enhances engagement.



About the Author:

Charlie Martin is the Founder and Head Coach of engagementtoolbox (http://www.engagementtoolbox.com)  Charlie is the author of The Tools of Engagement, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC)  certified by the International Coach Federation and a seasoned leader with over 35 years of experience in a variety of senior level positions in a variety of industries.  He can be reached at Charlie@engagementtoolbox.com

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