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Commitment-Phobic When Hiring?

Posted by Nicole Vierzba on Thu, Jun 16, 2011

Does the thought of hiring make you commitment-phobic? 

Do you have a special project that needs an expert?

Interim Staffing and Project Consulting might be the answer.

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The current economy provides a unique opportunity for employers to make decisions that will impact business for the next decade and beyond. Employers have spent the last two years "getting by" with less. Now is the time for well-positioned companies in the marketplace to make plans to rebuild/grow/expand their business. Labor and payroll is one of an employer’s highest expenses and the job market is abundantly full of unemployed, however, highly experienced, professionals who are looking for an opportunity to earn their way back into the workforce. We, at Employers Group, see a growing trend toward the use of project consultants for job-specific duties, as employers need work accomplished, but cannot provide the budget to bring on permanent headcount.

Opportunities Ahead

The decisions made – or not made by a given employer - will lead to survival or failure. In some cases, decisions made this year will bring unprecedented success in the future. Businesses that use the current economy as an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-configure intelligently will inevitably become the industry leaders for the next decade and beyond. Now is the time for businesses to make those important moves. Of course, if it were easy to make good business decisions, we would not be faced with the current opportunity for re-structuring.

As we all know, good business decisions come from good business people. Good business people have industry-leading experience. Interim staffing and project consulting provide companies with talented, industry-leading professionals who have the experience and intelligence necessary to make the right decisions. Interim staffing and project consulting essentially allow a company to draw on top level expertise for short term solutions without unnecessarily investing in long term engagements with professionals who are otherwise vastly over-qualified for an ordinary day-to-day position. Interim staffing also saves the added investment cost of recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, salary, benefits, and severance for an employee that, on a long-term basis, may not be the best-fit.


Employers have learned to make do with less people

A recent study by Washington, D.C.-based law firm Littler Mendelson P.C. found that the trend of hiring interim workers will be more of a norm as employers start hiring again. The study forecasted that as many as half of the workers hired after the recession’s after-affects will be contract workers, on a "project-specific" basis.

Matthew Bartosiak, senior consultant in the Los Angeles office of Employers Group, said most economists he has talked to believe employment coming out of the recession will be muted. "Employers have learned to make do with less people. They’ve become very cost-conscious," Bartosiak said. "The ones I’ve talked to say they’re going to be careful." More information on this study can be found at:


Employers Group is here to help

Ultimately, employers need and want the flexibility to get their internal workload complete, but without the hassle, cost, and commitment of full time, W-2 employees. The Employers Group Project Consulting group can provide experienced professionals to help employers backfill an open role, accomplish a special project, or execute on internal initiatives timely and cost-effectively.

Have a special project that needs a short-term expert?  Not sure if you have the budget to hire a full time employee?  Find out more about Employers Group's Project Consulting / Interim Staffing by clicking here. 


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